House plans for a long narrow land of 3.50 m front and 15 m deep (52.50M2). It requires the building to have two floors: the first must have a big living-dining room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a laundry. At the second level, three bedrooms and a bathroom. But the problem is where to place the ladder to not take up much space.
Two story house plans for a small long narrow land of 52.5 m2

For the design of this house, they started from two important points. First, because it is a long narrow field, was proposed to distribute the project on a lateral axis of movement, so as to allow greater and better use of the entire area. Second, a central courtyard that can provide lighting and natural ventilation to the largest possible number of rooms in the house was screened. From the entrance, the living-dining room started (as an integrated area), which is illuminated through both the facade and the aforementioned courtyard, while the kitchen was raised to the opposite side of this. Meanwhile, the guest bathroom and the staircase - main concern of the proprietary - were determined at the end of the field. Both bathrooms proposed light and air through a duct that connects the two floors. Due to the little space it is recommended that the partition walls are drywall in order to generate greater flexibility in the use of space.

Plan designed by arquitect Paola Matzumura (997362588 / 411*6692) - Casa y Más from El Comercio journal.
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This one story house plan is about a remodeling. They had four bedrooms without closets and they wanted three (one master bedroom with ensuite). Another detail is that the house has one-story and neighbors have three-story houses. We do not want this to affect the lighting of the house. The lot is 8 m wide x 20 m long, which is also required to include a garage.
Plans of one storey house in 160 m2 land. Home has three bedrooms.

According to the requirements of the owner, a one-story building is set, in which are developed the following environments: To the right of the main entrance is located the kitchen and access to the laundry room for added user comfort. As for the central part of this level is located the living room enjoying a great view of the back garden. Also, on the left side are held the following fields for the intimate area that means a major remodel throughout the house, two bedrooms with common bathroom and the master bedroom, which has full bath and closet as requested by the reader, thus fulfilling its primary order.

Solution by arquitect Richard Salazar in Casa y Más magazine.
Source: Casa y Más - El Comercio journal. Lima Perú
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This house of 160 square meters (141 m2 + 19 m2 terrace) has 3 floors, 4 bedrooms plus a maid's room.
Drawings of a 160m2 house of three floors and four bedrooms.

The first floor has a carport or garage and garden, dining room, kitchen, laundry, 2 bathrooms and utility room. The second level has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a living room. On the third floor is the master bedroom, bathroom, walk in closet and terrace. This house plan is nice, isn’t it? This plan belongs to the type of house A of Terrabella condominium homes, developed by the Buenavista Constructora real state company. TERRABELLA's project, CONDOMINIUM HOMES is located in southern Cali - Colombia, just 200 meters from the new Lili's Hipercentro LA 14. Two minutes from the Jardin Plaza, Home Center, Carrefour, shopping center and close to Unicentro, Holguines Trade Center, clinic like Valle del Lili Foundation.

Assembly drawing of the TERRABELLA CONDOMINIUM HOMES project
Drawings of Terrabella Condominium. 160m2 house of three floors and four bedrooms.

They are condominium homes. The assembly has 110 three-story houses. Have vehicular access roads into every home. They have covered garage into the house. Front garden into the assembly. Spacious backyard, only with utility room and bathroom. Courtyard separate from the kitchen. Guest bathroom on the first floor. Common Areas: This project has green areas within the whole. It has two pools, one for adults, one for children, children's games and a meeting room. Large green area surrounding the joint. Construction type used: Structural Masonry.
What is structural masonry?
It is a type of construction in which blocks of clay or cement that has vertical perforations to be stuck on the wall, reinforced with steel and concrete, depending on the requirements of the structural calculation, are used. In the horizontal direction the walls are reinforced with structural steel called grafiles. In the project all the walls are made of clay brick colored in concrete blocks.

What are the benefits of the system of structural masonry?
Because of clay block inside the house is much cooler than other types of constructions. Also the wall thickness is greater, which serves as an important soundproofing between houses and as mentioned above, thermal insulation from the outside, important for high temperatures.

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